The Long Branch Sewerage Authority is an activated sludge wastewater treatment facility with a permitted design flow of 5.4 million gallons per day of discharged treated wastewater effluent. The effluent is discharged into the Atlantic Ocean, which is designated as SC (Saline Coastal) Waters in New Jersey.

Our New Jersey Permit Discharge Elimination System permit is consistently in compliance with all Federal, State, and Local regulations and guidelines.

The purpose of this program is to empower the local private and corporate waterfront community with the knowledge and ability to assist law enforcement. Civilians can assist by identifying observed criminal or terrorist behaviors, and alerting law enforcement. This information is then entered into the Statewide Intelligence Management System (SIMS). The SIMS database is used to collect and share information on suspected involvement in all types of criminal activity. SIMS allows agencies to store intelligence for their own use or for the use of the broader law enforcement community. Click on the logo for more information on this program.